After going through my own “Book of life” process (still going) I decided to revamp the way I normally do my goals. This is normally how I did it, numbered from 1-6 and each number has a category of an area of focus for the next year.

Although the areas still feature in the new way I did this, I like the new way better.

  1. The greatest dad
  2. The greatest husband
  3. Look great
  4. Feel great
  5. Great home
  6. Great Job
  7. Do great things

The above points speak specifically to me, and what I want to become. It is not just a goal that says “health” but with just one or a few words is says what I want to achieve.

It basically boils down to what I want to become/achieve in 2020. I want to be a great Dad and Husband. I want to feel great about myself. I want to look great. I want to have a great Job that gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction,  I want to live in a great home. And I want to do great things (more detail below).

Each point breaks down into the following “how” part that specifies how I will actually achieve it:

  1. The greatest dad
    • Read about parenting, watch TED Talks, get inspired and knowledgeable.
    • Find a dad mentor and learn
    • Spend dedicated time with Son
    • Identify 1 new thing to teach my son every week.
  2. The greatest husband
    • Read/grow in knowledge about being a great husband / TED/ Books. Get inspired.
    • Find a husband mentor
    • Daily quality time with Wife
    • Compliment more, complain less
    • Do love languages
    • Initiate selflessly
    • Support verbally
  3. Look great
    • Gym 3x Week
    • Morning Yoga
    • Self care
    • Clothing
  4. Feel great
    • PC Gaming – Make time, Music, Series, Movies
    • Alone time of at least 1 hour 3x per week
    • Diet: No sugar, Conscious consumer.
    • Time with Friends/Family
  5. Do Great
    • Give, Serve, Pray
    • Spiritual / God
  6. Great home
    • Clean home, fixed: Make time to do this.
    • Minimalism. Teamwork
    • Declutter.
  7. Great Job
    • Life balance
    • Study, certifications
    • Plan next 5 years

This is it. It’s pretty ambitious. But I love it.

Step 1 was to name the things I want to do. Step 2 is to put clear practical goals next to each of them that is measurable and achievable, i’ll complete 2 during a follow-up post. Step 3 is to add actual dates and calendar events next to each.

Do it.