With everything that’s been going on this year staying in touch with my goals and plans is simply not a priority (anymore).

Luckily after a much needed break to paradise (which was probably a dumb thing to do considering our financial situation)  I had some time to think back on what they were (my goals), and decided to try and put some focus back on them. Also, with some excellent help (see previous post) I also see how beneficial it can be for me to put my goals back on the priority list.  I decided to re-look at my goals.

1. Health and wellness
Staying healthy is very important to me. When it comes to physical health these are my goals:
– cycle – get back into cycling 3 times a week. Love cycling in the gym and pushing myself to achieve my Vitality goals. that’s 30 minutes of exercise and and average heart rate of 144 bpm.
– climb – the irony is I joined a climbing gym and I am using the gym bike to cycle. I eventually want to get back to climbing. Then also get back to doing some weight training.
– food – cut out unnatural sugars from things like chocolate, sweets, etc.

2. Career
I’m actually enjoying my job. Well, most aspects of it. These are my career goals:
– certification: CISSP, Cloud
– promotion
– life balance: work normal hours, spend time with family, get out of OPS
– retire at 50. This is still a huge goal for me and probably the most challenging one as it involves saving, cutting spending and investing.

3. Relationships (Family Friends)
This is a never-ending goal but it is easy to lose track of your close relationships/friends and neglect them. Sometimes you need to put in some extra effort. I’ve listed a few friends and family members that I really want to stay close to going forward.

4. Marriage
Let’s just leave this at this: #team #fightvirons #iloveyou

5. Wealth/Financial
– Keep living standard low.
– pay off debt by end 2020. If anything this goal is going the wrong way at this stage. But let’s turn things around.

6. Spiritual
– find God again. I’ve been ignoring this for too long. I need to get back at it. My goal is to meditate, pray, read and connect more with God on a daily basis.

7. Self/Other
Some personal goals I’ve set for myself include:
– Put more into my gaming, I’ve also neglected this a lot.
– be the best dad in the world for my son. There are nothing that motivates me more at this stage than the love I have for my son. Parents will know. He motivates me to be better, to succeed, to provide.

This is it. I know its basically the end of the year, but let this then be my goals for the rest of the year and for 2020.