So for the first time ever I had the opportunity to go through a deck of “inner cards” (which I still assume is the name). Inner cards come in a deck of cards and have proven to bring clarity, efficiency, transformation and Self-Leadership to the inner lives of people who use them. From my limited understanding each card that I chose was a card that at first glance looked interesting, and then at a deeper look drew me nearer and simply had “something” that appealed to me.

Amazingly all the cards below (except 2) are similarly themed and when discussed revealed a lot about me and how my mind, personality works. And once you know how you as an individual work, you can identify problems, and once you identify problems, you can start working on fixing them.

Just like in a large family you will find those who like to manage, those who protect and those who need protection.  You will find rebels, helpers, and those who ruminate and worry. You will find those who are warriors, and those who can’t cope, all the different masks we wear to get through our days.  And buried deep down within us are the exiles, Parts that hold painful memories, traumatic experiences or unacceptable behaviors that the system perceives as unbearable, overwhelming, and dangerous. When choosing a card any one of these roles can be the central theme, some more prominent than others.

Here are my cards. They reveal a lot about me, and my current state of mind and my relationships.

I find this extremely interesting. 1 card is left to go through.