When you need a break you need a break. That feelings inside you that tells you that you need to get away is just not going away. Your work, the place where you used to escape to is now also becoming an irritation. You need a holiday.

But guess what?

You just don’t have the money. Now what?

I’m at that point where I will take out a loan so that I can have that break. As a matter of fact I did. I did take out a loan.

I feel it is unfair. If the team is not contributing and one member needs to carry all the weight and responsibility in surviving then it is only a matter of time until something gives. Patience, trust, connection, communication. Something or everything will give.

All I can focus on now isĀ  this break, and the mount of joy and fulfillment I will get out of it in going with my son and giving him this experience.