So this year has been a long 8 months that I would prefer to never have over again. And although the hard work is being done that would hopefully restore the damage, heal the wounds and prevent the pain from re-occurring I cannot see things really changing until early 2019.

So life has to go on right? In spite of all the “stuff” you have to find a way to keep on going and make the best of things. You focus on what you can that keeps you sane. This is what I am trying to to. Doing.  Listening to new music (below) is one of the things. Family time is another. Staying healthy and putting time into my health and diet is another.

This song got released. I’m pretty excited. These guys last made new music 13 years ago. Tool released the first song of their new album called ‘Fear Inoculum’. This officially releases them from the list, the list of the most wanted albums ever! I cannot stop listening to this.