We’re two months into 2019 and it’s time to take a look at what I’ve done this year and where I am with regards to my goals. More specifically…the things I love and decided to make more time for this year:

  1. Anything Tolkien: I started a twitter account https://twitter.com/FactsTolkien  that posts daily facts on anything Tolkien. It is fun for now but I would love to have it grow into something bigger.
  2. Watching more movies/series. I watched all the Hobbit movies again. Trying to put more into this one but it required the most amount of “alone” time which is not a very common thing these days.
  3. Playing PC games: Nothing yet, I’m off gaming a bit although my phone is my main gaming outlet at the moment.
  4. Reading: Nothing yet

Other than the above things I’ve been doing great in terms of exercising, eating better and focussing on my health. I started doping Yoga and meditation early mornings which is such a great feeling and way to start the day.