It is a new year and with it comes all kinds of challenges and exciting plans, new years resolutions and plenty of goals ready to be smashed. Right.

As mentioned previously I decided to make myself number 1 this year. It sounds a but selfish but a healthy me enables me to put more love and effort into my immediate relationships.

Focusing on myself I asked what do I really like? What do I reaaallly like of love doing? What things do I like to do/spend time on? The answer was pretty easy once I got rolling…

  1. Anything Tolkien. I love the books, facts, history, movies, anything.
  2. Watching movies/series. I’ve never watched tv or gone to the movies as little as the last few years. I want to change this.I want to catch up on movies and series that I’ve has for so long on a “to-watch” list.
  3. Playing PC games. Pretty straight forward. Make time!
  4. Reading – Yup I actually enjoy reading.

So starting with number 1 I am going to post a  fun fact about Tolkien/ Lord of the Rings on my Twitter account every day..