Today is the 18th of December 2018. This has been a challenging year for me as I came to know what it means to really try and function as a human being with the sleep I had. I thought 2017 would set the record of how little  a person can sleep and still function but hey 2018 set the bar. It is with this in mind that I write an update on my usual life focuses and goals.

  • reading: non-existent as I simply cannot read more than 1 page before falling a sleep. This space was now occupied with mindless mobile-gaming in bed before falling asleep.
  • gaming: went OK I guess but not without its own consequences. Gaming became my main priority whenever I had free time (an hour max in the evenings before crashing to bed). This hour of feeling my old self took away from other factors in my life that also required much needed attention like my marriage and friendships. 
  • friends/social: really bad. I struggled to stay long at any social or initiate anything. I started feeling guilty for always being the “tired” one.
  • spirituality: made some progress in learning more about Buddhism but this year God was not in/on my mind at all.
  • health: went Ok. but just couldn’t stick with any routine. 

All in all this was a year with way more negatives that positives. my marriage took/is taking strain, my friendships took strain, my finances took a knock, by health remained the same. 

The one consistent shining light of joy and pleasure in my life this year was my son. Little did I know that such a human being can bring so much joy into a persons life. If not for him…then this year would have been one big disaster. It is the love for him that drives me, keeps me going. 

There are so many more positives to be thankful for during this year and I will mention them in another post, but right now this is where I’m at.