So I’ve not been posting a lot here this year. I know. I ask myself often how I’m doing and sometimes I don’t really know.

There are certain things in my life that is just off the charts amazing but then others are simply not nearly where I expected them to be. Here’s a quick list of things I am busy with:

  • Playing the new World of Warcraft expansion called Battle for Azeroth. I’m not putting in as much time as I want to but I guess considering circumstances I’m not doing that bad.
  • Reading comics – I gave in to reading comics on my phone. Not ideal but I am loving catching up on old series that I never finished. I’m currently revising the entire “Onslaught” series.
  • Finished an online Buddhism course on Udemy.
  • Started a SEO course on Udemy (yeah I am giving Udemy a try)
  • Sleeping better. Our Son is finally sleeping like a normal human which means we are also starting to feel like humans again.
  • Spending time with my son is the best part of my day. Yes it can get tiring and intense but boy do I look forward to see that smile.
  • Trying to exercise more. Succeeding and failing at the same time, this is such a yo-yo ride.
  • Trying to read more – still not happening.

Here’s to the last 4 months of the year.