It’s the end of the 2nd month of the year and a quick check-up on the goals I set for the year is s good idea. Mentioning only the ones that currently need some attention, the rest are actually going well.


  • Do stretching exercises/Yoga: Not happening at all. the rest is going pretty well. I cut down on sugar, climbing at the gym is going well.



  • Pursue other streams of income, currently I have Crypto currency – Investing trading and Geekshizzle. Both are moving pretty slow. Crypto is almost certainly a long-term passive thing now after the massive crash earlier in the year.



  • Keep living costs the same year-in-year-out, Buy less crap, Budget for nice-to-haves, Become less dependent on a monthly salary, Invest money. Most are still on track. We’re planning to buy a new car next month which falls outside our “keep living standards the same” goal, but sometimes you have to do it. That bloody Mazda 2 is just killing me with the lack of space.



  • Treasure my inner circle: I want to focus more on the friends that are already in my life and build deeper more meaningful friendships with these people.Not really moving that well on this one. I’ve identified the problem… I am the kind of person that wait for things to calm down before I take the initiative to go out and meet friends, do things. The problem with this is that my life never really tends to calm down the way I like it. After I’ve had enough rest, had enough me-time, had enough time spent on my values..then I’ll go and meet friends, organize a braai, etc. This obviously never happens as I never feel like I’ve had enough sleep, me time, etc. Catch-22.



  • Read more: Still not happening. Help!
  • Finding your balance. Living a balanced life mentally, physically and mentally is very important to me. If the balance is wrong then I start to become emotional, irrational, giving in to the ego. This is unfair to my family and everyone around me. Learning to stay balanced. This is a post on its own.