It’s not often that I find myself in a religious debate (anymore), but when it does happen it normally does not go very well (for me) as it leaves me with countless arguments and conversations spinning around in my head for days and days after the actual conversation.I guess this is a good thing…but it can become an all consuming thing in my head that leaves me awake at night thinking, wondering, learning.

I realized how far I’ve moved from the spiritual place I was in a few years ago. Questions that left me stressing and doubting my relationship with God and salvation no longer have that same effect or importance to me. Should I be worried; I don’t think so? Have these questions been replaced; yes.

But based on the debate I had these are the questions I realized have very little meaning to me these days. They’ve evolved into something different:

  • Are you a Christian?

An affiliation with a specific group of believers simply do not interest me anymore. A religious label tell the people around you what they think you believe according to their interpretation of what the label means. you can try as hard as you want to but the world out there will make an impression on your religion based on how they’ve experienced it. The term is subjective. Hence I find it very frustrating when someone asks me “Are you a Christian”. This means they have a few core check-boxes you need to ┬átick in order to be a christian. Miss only one and you are not one of them. This will naturally remove you from the community and care that normally comes from all that falls within this specific idea and similar belief of what it means to be a Christian.

I have peace with the fact that whatever I believe may or may not be called something or already have some group of followers somewhere with a label given to it.

  • Do you believe in heaven and hell?

If I think about heaven and hell then sure, I wonder and hope that one day I will be in a heaven. But I so rarely think about this that I’m not sure if I should be worried or not. One of my life missions over the last few years have been to BE MORE PRESENT. Live in the present. Don’t let fears and experiences of the past and hopes and dreams of the future deter you from experiencing the present moment. This removes the longing or doubt to be in heaven because you are in fact present. Heaven can be now?

  • Do you believe in Jesus?

This is such a loaded question. It is the one question that so quickly puts you in alignment with so many other people/fellow believers and yet removes you/ alienates you from them just as fast. With the question “Do you believe in Jesus” most people means “Do you believe in Jesus as your savior and redeemer from sins and salvation from death to life in heaven?”. I believe in Jesus but not in the same way the person asking the question hopes I am.

Next up I will list a few questions that have become important to me.