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2017 just flew by I’ve not had a year go by as fast as 2017 has. 2017 had so many amazing memories, challenges, positives and negatives. I hope this doesn’t turn into a 10 000 word post. Looking at the photos below always show me how grateful I should be. We tend to get smothered by the year and all its activities, we feel smothered and trapped like were doing not, lives, selfish and self centered. But when you actually look back (I use instagram as a photographic reminder) you realize all the things that happened in the year that we so easily forget.

Each year I try to find one word that encapsulates the entire year.

2016 – Family
2015 – Perspective
2014 – Perception
2013 – The Good year
2012 – Blessed

This year: Unexpected love. I wrote an entire post on this.

Fatherhood: This year was consumed by one person and that is my son. As mentioned previously I simply did not know that one hum being can love another so much. It is a love that hit me so unexpectedly. It blew me away. I am now starting to feel what my parents must have felt… the constant worrying, wondering, hoping, loving. This little guy has my heart now. It’s a different kind of love than the love between couples. I can’t really explain it. But its real just as real, and just as intense. For the main part of 2017 our lives, thoughts, hours, conversations, relationships and efforts were taken up by caring for him, finding a rhythm, discovering him, teaching, loving, trying to live and trying to sleep.

Work: I moved into a new area/team at work and this has been the best thing to happen to me at this company. I am in a great team with great people and I can honestly say that I can’t remember when last I didn’t mind coming to work as much as I do now. Things also worked out in such a way that the only other great work friend I had joined the team and we are for the first time in who knows how many years in the same team, doing the same thing.

Family: I really felt that my relationship with my family grew to a next level this year.  Our son was a direct cause of this and it is just so astounding to see how such a little human being can bring people together and help them grow. This was truly the year where I mended all previous hurts from family issues, and now remain in a great present with a positive future.

Gaming: Gaming went ahead this year but I didn’t really have the energy to pursue this as much as I wanted to. I remember more falling asleep in the middle of a WoW dungeon than actually enjoying it. Simply too  tired. Still I did not let this passion of mine wither and I’m thankful to a great wife that allows me to  do so. Some gaming highlights this year was a return to World of Warcraft, as well as the insane amount of fun (and frustration) I had with Shadow of War.

New friends and old friends: I really neglected some of my friends this year. Understandably (to some) so but I’m not too pleased with myself. I really want to get back at it this year and see my friends more.