I’m not feeling particularly motivated to write that much lately. Every time I open the new-post window I stare at the white page in-front of me for a few seconds before quickly tabbing to something that takes less effort. Like Facebook or twitter. As mindless as these pages can be I’ve set mine up to be my break-away, my window to my own world. It’s pretty cool.

Writing here has its benefits. That’s why I enjoy it. A reflection tool.

When I look back over the last few months time really went by fast. I cannot believe our Son is 9 month old! 9 months! What happened the last few months since my last “life update”. I know a lot or rugby happened as some pretty epic games took place at Ellis Park supporting the Lions. I was fortunate enough to have the wife look after the little one while I visit “Fort-Ellis”. The Super Final between the Lions and the Crusaders was probably the highlight of the season with a sold-out stadium (62 000 people).

Life is still pretty much happening at home at the moment. At home and with family and close friends. Yup work goes on but what really matters at this stage is MY family. This is where I want to spend my time and all my life and give everything I have to give. All other ventures seem to be stop & go at the moment. Just when it gets going there’s a stop.

  • Gym – Started going but it’s just not happening at the moment. Discovery is making their money back on the Apple Watch deal I did so well with in the first year.
  • Healthy eating/living – Generally  doing well. But those Chuckles chocolate balls are the end if me! I simply cannot resist!
  • Gaming – hopping from one to the other. there’s not one specific game that’s taking up my time although I tend to stick to Blizzard at the moment. Tried the new Necromancer expansion for Diablo 3. Hearthstone’s Frozen Throne expansion is pretty cool. And Heroes of the Storm is always a fun 15 minutes to  relax and switch-off with.
  • Sleeping – Still a hit/miss or stop & go. Some nights are awesome but then again some are not. When the little one is teething or ate something weird, or  even struggle with a fever then he’s gonna need some tender love and care every hour. I must say that being a team here with my wife is critical in being able to handle this.
  • Being present – Also something that stopped – I joined the online course for Eckhard Tolle and it is also something I just can’t seem to find the time to continue with.
  • Rob Bell – Just received Rob Bell’s new book called “What is the bible” which could be a very interesting journey for me. I have a feeling this will be right up my alley in terms of my current views on the Bible.

Obviously I am not busy with anything for long before there rises a block. And despite all of this I am dying for a holiday to our little piece of heaven!

So what exactly is taking up all of my time? I realized the other day how lucky I am to finish my work at 15:00 every day. Ok I start early but most people finish really late. This enabled me to do a lot more and not everybody can. A guy in our complex complained the other day “I either go to the gym, become fit and healthy and don’t see my kids when I get home ’cause their sleeping already”. Assuming he finished work at 17:00? Or he said “I skip gym, spend time with my kids but stay fat and unhealthy”. Choices.

I have more time but what am I doing with it? Let’s break it down…

  • Work
  • My Son
  • Sleep

The 4 main things in my life at the moment. Let’s  break it down a bit further into minor time allocations:

  • Quality time with Wife
  • Gaming
  • Cleaning/Dishes/Laundry
  • Family/Friends

I’m pretty much still living my values which is making me feel a lit better as I’m typing this now. But.. the balance seem to be heavily weighed on the top 3 at the moment neglecting the bottom 4

Here’s to the remaining 4 months of the year!