Returning to the source happens through stillness. Be still. No thinking. Master the art of not thinking. Learn how to quiet the mind.

Not recognizing the source means stumbling through life confused and filled ¬†with sorrow. You become a problem to yourself, to others and to the planet. You are a contributor to the sorrow of the planet. You are consumed with seemingly important matters that are “life and death” situations. Everything is a blur, a dream? r a nightmare. Rushing through life.

The source is not hidden. It’s underneath the mental noise. Creative and new ideas will come out of this state but this it is secondary to the stillness. When you realize the source you become tolerant, kindhearted, disinterested, amused (at everything people are running after that’s supposedly so serious), dignified, immersed of the wonder of the dull. When death come you are ready.

Return to the source.