To live healthy these days needs to be a conscious decision. You can’t go through life doing whatever you want and still expect to live a pain free healthy life without any body/mind/ related  health issue. “Your health is all you have” as they say and I decided to list all the active measures and life-style choices I am taking to live a healthy life.  I divided them into categories:


1.Physical exercise: Although I’ve fallen off the buss a bit here I still know what needs to be done, and how often it needs to be done. The problem here is not my knowledge but simply my will-power to once and for all become a person that exercises on a regular basis. I need to stop this 1 month on 1 month off thing.

2.Diet: Eat to live don’t live to eat. Are you consciously aware of what you are eating and what effect that has on your body? Every person is different here but the key thing is to have the awareness of what works for you and what doesn’t. I know  I should eat less sugar, I know I should eat more veggies. You are what you eat and I can say so  much more on this topic. What you eat also ties in with becoming a conscious consumer; Do you buy grain fed meat/eggs? Do you support those industries? Taking vitamins is a big thing here. The fact is that today’s fruit, veggies and meat simply do not contain the nutrients it used  to. Enter mass consumerism, GMO productions, etc. Luckily I married into a very healthy vitamin friendly family so  here I am covered.

3.Senses: Often overlooked but an essential part of living isn’t it. Are you consciously taking care of your eyes, nose, mouth, skin and ears? I did a hearing test the other day and realized that my hearing is on par with that of a 52 year old. Wtf?? Honestly I never considered how to take care of my ears/hearing better. What about your eye? Are you sitting in front of a laptop the entire day… take breaks! What about your posture? Do you slouch or do you sit ergonomically correct? Your skin… are you getting sunburn every summer? Do you moisturize (LOL)? I decided I do not want to go for a back operation when I’m 50, suffer from skin cancer, bad eye-sight or even lose my hearing at a later stage. I’m consciously deciding to take better care of my senses.

In the next part I’ll look at the Mind and Spirit.