If only it was this easy

The internet does not have to be one big distraction. It is what you make it out to be. Few people realize that you have the power to shape your own internet. These days all your online browsing habits and movement online is shared across multiple sites and companies. Few things are not captured and stored somewhere where someone doesn’t finds benefit out of it. All you social media sites and blogs you normally visit are influenced by your own online habits. This means you determine what you see. The same goes for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. Do you keep seeing adds on Facebook for camping gear and underwear? Well that’s because you browsed for that on an online store somewhere. Keep seeing you’re mothers irritating Facebook messages and that friends racist political posts? That’s because you chose to follow them.

Not  only can you control what you see online, but you can also control how productive, motivated and inspired you become when spending time online. If you feel you’re wasting time online, overwhelmed and severely distracted by these sites there is no need to delete all your accounts and band yourself from being online. Why not take control of them and make it a place where you get motivated, inspired and transformed into a better person?

I’d like to share a list of website’s/people I regularly visit/read online. Note that these sites are primarily my Facebook/Twitter feed (give or take a few specifically chosen family and friends) which shows that Facebook and all social media sites are what you make of it. In fact the internet is what you make of it. If it irritates you then that’s because you choose to follow irritating people/sites. I follow very specific sites/people as they inspire/motivate me to become a better person and they keep me informed about the information I choose.



Take back control.


These are the sites I follow. Each of them have either a Facebook or Twitter account and based on this I follow them on either of these platforms. Nobody else (except a few close family members and friends on Facebook as mentioned earlier). I also don’t visit all of these sites every day as not all of them have new content. Its a rotational method of going around all of them as the day/week/month allows.


Education & Life:


Entertainment and Fun:





I still like to keep an open mind regarding all spiritual matters, so below is a list of radically different and challenging sites that push me to the limits of my current belief, and learning more.


How in control are you of your online presence? Does it shape you positively or negatively? Is it a place where you feel you should be less or more?

The internet can be a very positive place where character is build, hope is given and life is enjoyed.