The time has finally arrived for our 1 week holiday! This is the last holiday we will have before the two of us become 3. Scary thought!

I can sense we both need a break, and although I normally switch off pretty easily and tend to manage the balance between work and life pretty good I also feel the need to go away. To get some nature! the ┬áplan is to do a few stop-overs on our way to our little peace of heaven. We’ve recently become huge fan’s of the SANParks Reserves in our country so we’re stopping over at the Karoo National Park as well as the Mount Zebra National Park (on our way back). Mostly we’re looking forward to this little romantic place in the Baviaans Kloof we’ve been eyeing for a while. Check the photo below and tell me this doesn’t look amazing! Whoop!

cottages for two

No cellphone signal, no electricity, remote, beautiful. We can’t wait! Let’s hope my car can handle the dirt road towards this little gem.

Here’s to a great safe holiday!