So 2016 is already more than halfway gone and I thought it’s time for a little recap of where I am. You know, take stock of everything that happened and everything that lies ahead. I must say that so far this has been one of the most laid-back years in a while. And although we’ve been busy there really has been time for more “us” this year.

The biggest thing to happen this year was obviously us becoming parents, due end of October. This naturally slowed-things down for us from March onward. Since this news we’ve been taking the chill-pill quite regularly. We’re slowly getting ready for the big day and I can now with confidence say we are both feeling rather excited. My main goal is to generate and maintain an environment of peace, calm, comfort and love at home until the little one arrives. Financially this has also been a very blessed year so far. We’ve been able to avoid the annual build-up of debt on the credit card (mostly due to my wife’s business doing so well) as well as sow seeds of service and help others out which is something which will forever be close to our hearts. It’s when things are going well when its difficult to stick to financial goals…

I’m not seeing all my friends as often as I want to but I’m ok with that.

My gaming is still going strong! With the new World of Warcraft expansion called Legion dropping soon I’m really looking forward to putting in some time work on my Demon Hunter.

When things slow down you tend to notice things you normally miss. One such thing is the rhythm of God, or frequency or vibe. Whatever you want to call it I started noticing it and how when we move in line with it we lead a more fulfilled, informed, inspired, spared and joyful life. It’s hard to explain but I really believe that walking and eventually living in the rhythm of this life/God is and should be one of our primary goals in life.

Looking ahead at the rest of 2016 we have a much needed and exciting break ahead for the two of us where we will be visiting our little peace of heaven as well as a couple of additional Parks and nature reserves. One week of holiday! We’re taking this one step at a time and this is gearing up to be one of the best years ever!