The title of this post is still freaking me out. But the news is official. I’m gonna be a Dad. the news came as a bit of a surprise, but it was a welcome one and a surprise we were kinda preparing for even though we didn’t know it. We’ve known now for almost 2 weeks now and after going for the first scan it is slowly but surely becoming more and more of a reality.

Yet, there’s these moment when I freak out a little bit. I still can’t believe that the time has arrived. I’m gonna be a Dad. The more I think about it the more I get used to the idea, if one can ever really get used to it. Luckily we have enough friends who are already parents and will be more than will to help. Then there’s the parents, the soon to be grandparents. Boy are they happy and willing to assist.¬†I catch myself doing weird stuff I never imagined I would be doing, like googling baby stuff, checking pram prices, medical aid for babies, etc. Whoaahhhh!!! Then the’re the whole taking care of a baby! where to begin? Diapers? Food? Sleep? It can easily spiral out of control.

Regardless¬†of all of these factors that will actually sort itself out there is a joy we’re feeling and sharing. A joy I see in both of us for this little person that is coming into our lives. wow. What a blessing! This is the next chapter in our lives, and it is going to be one helluva fun ride.

Let’s begin!