The otter trial is viewed by many as one of the most beautiful hiking trips not only in South Africa but also in the world.  A 5 day grueling yet mesmerizing hike along the garden route / natures valley coast line and mountains that will leave you breathless not only because you are dead tired, but also from the amazing scenery. We are doing the Otter trial in about two months and the excitement levels are insanely high. At least for me it is. I’ve actually gotten to know this part of the country very well as this is very VERY close to our little piece of heaven I’ve written about here before.

We had one hike last weekend as a type of preparation for the Otter, and it was great to be able to “practice” what we pack, wear, eat and generally handle the hike. A bonus of the Otter ahead is us getting into shape. I am finally achieving multiple goals on my list of yearly goals, specifically my health goals. I am eating well and exercising. I am going to the gym, taking the stairs at work. It feels good!

I want to be in the best shape of my life!

I am also reading up on the Otter and continually come across pictures like the ones below… amazing right? With all of this motivation I must say that going back to smoking is going to be hard. I’ve come to far now with quitting and feeling healthy is so good. But, let me not get too arrogant. You never know.