Have you noticed how certain religions use different words to describe the same thing? Have you noticed how a person from one religion/faith can explain something and it will have the exact same meaning if you replace a few words with those of another religion/faith? By dabbling in the details of different faiths I have come to know this very fact: It is all in the way we word it. Knowing this has strengthened my belief that at its core most religions are the same and differ only in the terminology used to express/explain a certain topic.

It may be an obvious realization, but notice how the words used for heaven, hell, God, spirit, soul, saviour, faith and “growing in faith” are all used in just about every religion (to name a few). I find this glaringly obvious that there is a cornerstone, a root that is the same in all of them. The only difference is man’s interpretation of what they experienced as God… hence we have so many different religions?

Let’s look at a few examples shall we?

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Example 1:

Person 1: Increase my faith which will allow me to live a more fulfilled/blessed/abundant life
Person 2: I must obey God’s commands more which will allow me to receive blessing from him in this life or in heaven.
Person 3: I must increase my knowledge of self in order to reach higher consciousness and experience true reality

Example 2:

Person 1: Belief in Jesus, the son of God will grant me passage into the everlasting peace and love of heaven.
Person 2: Learning to know myself, the path to higher consciousness will grant me access to pure potentiality and all possibilities.

Example 3:

Person 1: Giving into your evil/ungoldy desires is giving your soul control and ignoring your pure Godly spirit inside you.
Person 2: Disobeying God’s commands is obeying the devils commands and will result in punishment from God in this life or after.
Person 3: Being affected by the world’s materialistic objects is giving in to your ego, ignoring your consciousness and will keep you rooted mentally and consciously.

I think it is becoming rather obvious. It does not matter what your religion is, each one has their own way of describing the same thing. Heaven/ Nirvana / Higher Consciousness. Hell / Hades / Materialism. Soul / Ego / Flesh. Spirit / God / Jesus / Mind. If the next question you want to ask is “So which one is the right one?” then don’t worry. There is an amazing freedom in knowing there is no need for only one religion to be correct, or one religion to be 100% correct. As a matter of fact what it means to be “correct” totally depends on your point view.

Let’s go deeper down the rabbit hole… next time.