I have a confession to make and I am going to come out and say it: I hate rich people (Ok hate may be a strong word, maybe “get irritated” is better?).

There’s something about people with too much of everything that just rubs me the wrong way. I’ve been struggling with this ”hate” for a long time and after questioning my own motives I have come to a few conclusions. I often asked myself what it is about rich people that I hate? And although I was yet to realize how rich I really am… I just couldn’t figure it out. Was it because I was jealous? Envious? I just could not pin point it.

rich greedy person

I get frustrated to death when I see rich people complain about the dollar/rand exchange and how this is affecting their foreign investments. It has become so blatant that rich people now complain with their own hashtag: #firstworldproblems. Like “WTF I can take only 6 items into the fitting room at Zara #firstworldproblems “. Uurrggg!!! I get even more upset when I see a famous celebrity donate $ 5 million to poverty. F#ck you greedy bastard you can afford $50 million! Well… I struggled with this for a long time and even though it calmed down a bit since I got married it always remained there somewhere inside me. Eventually I came to realize it is NOT because I am jealous, or envious. Heck I remember praying to God to never give me too much money but just enough. So here it is…

I am a peace keeper, and even more so I am someone that generates harmony in society and around me. I love unity. I detest division with every part of my being. I therefore will obviously protest against anything that creates division and destroys the harmony. Things like greed, anger, impatience, selfishness, etc. If you had to ask me to combine all these bad words into one thing/being/term then it would be a filthy rich person. A rich person (grossly generalized) embodies all these things…greed, selfishness, division, pride, etc.

I know…I know. It’s not always the case, I am generalizing, and I need to get over this issue. The one thing that will help is the realization that I am also rich. To the person without a job begging at the street corner I am just as rich as the person I myself view as rich.

I am the rich person. I am the same person I hate.

Let that sink in for a moment…

I need learn how to get over my negative prejudice of rich people, and not judge them so prematurely. I need to cut myself with the same knife. If I am not generous, then how can I expect another “rich” person to be? Kinda mind blowing is it not

I need more time with this…