This is a continuation of my previous post, no love for  the extremists.

I had half a conversation with a good friend the other day that mentioned the Paris attacks and how he read somewhere that the concert hall that was attacked by the ISIS extremists was a concert by a death metal band called Eagles of Death Metal and the crowd was busy singing one of their popular songs “Kiss the Devil”.

Nothing further was spoken before I interjected but the insinuation was there that those people “deserved” a gruesome death by gunfire seeing as they pledged their souls to the devil singing “kiss me”. The insinuation was that “if you pledge your love to the devil then feel his ‘love'” in terms of violence and death.

Now, where to begin…

First of all, I know this band and love metal music and as a critic you have to know a few things about rock/metal bands before you ever make any assumptions about what they are about, and what they mean in their lyrics, appearance and songs and what the fans are like. The band “Eagles of Death Metal” is a soft Rock/punk band. They’re not even close to a soft metal band never-mind hardcore metal. Metal bands are all about the show and shock factor. The band members tend to have very provocative nick names to stir up controversy. Names such as Johnny Christ or in this case Jesse Hughes AKA The Devil. Jesse Hughes (The Devil) is the lead singer for Eagles of Death Metal. So the song Kiss the Devil is dedicated to himself. He is famous for saying things like ‘get entertained by the devil’, or ‘let the devil stir you up tonight’ (referring to himself). Yes… it’s unnecessary, yes its controversial, but this is Rock/Metal music.

Second, from a religious perspective consider for a moment what you… the person that feels it is a just attack on “devil worshipers” are really saying. You are taking the hammer of judgement into your own hand and playing God, a judgmental God. Who are you to say or know who God would or would not want dead or deserves life to be taken away?

My response would be, ‘Yeah I can really see how that is something Jesus would wish on them as well’ (not!!). And this is what it all comes down to for me: I believe in my current spiritual state outside of church and away from Christianity I embody the words and beliefs of Jesus a lot more than those who claim to be his ‘beloved’ and ‘only’. There are those who sit in church every week and swing that hammer of judgement over the world and over everyone but themselves. They identify sinners everywhere and so swiftly give judgement as if they are God.

What happened to love thy neighbor? What happened to love people as much as you love yourself.

I believe Jesus stood for one very important thing, and it is what my life revolves around; It’s funny how watching another “demonic” TV series “The Walking Dead” (one that Christianity judges so harshly) iterates this message of Jesus over and over again. And that is…

All life is precious. ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

It does not matter if you are Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan or Satanist. Your life matters much more that any terror attack would warrant.

Below is a very emotional and truthful interview with the guys from Eagles of Death Metal giving their first hand experience on the events. Below that is one of their funky songs that I like (note the provoking title once again):