When it comes to mobile games I never play a game for very long. I guess being an avid gamer on PC playing games on a small smartphone just feels so inferior. I love my PC master race! Yet, there is one game that I’ve been playing for more than 4 years now… Clash of Clans.

Hi, my name if Francois and I am addicted to Clash of Clans…

there’s hundreds of these type of games on all the app stores lately, but this was the first one that went big and has been at the top of the mobile gaming app charts for years. Interesting tid-bit… the company that developed the game, Supercell, is currently making $5 million A DAY from this game. That is simply insane.

I started out playing this alone, nobody really to join in or play with. Then a couple of months ago I reconnected with a few old friends and they are all playing, and I joined their clan. As chance would have it I have a pretty senior base and experience level and my role in the clan is something to be kinda proud of. Lol. I know… it means a lot to me ok!

So We’ve been competing and playing this game non stop for the last few months, I even got a few other close friends and my wife playing it!

I love games.

This is my base at the moment… I am ¬†Town Hall 9, maxed (nearly). Next up Town Hall 10 baby!!