Part of me embracing the idea of minimalism (Can’t remember what day I am on in the 21-day challenge) is answering the below tough questions. I will try to answer some of them here while others will remain unanswered for now.

The questions are:

What is standing in the way of my musts?
– I’m  too lazy
– Clash of priorities like going to gym after work (exercise) or driving straight home (spending time with loved ones)
– Too busy, no real excuse here.

When did I give so much meaning to my possessions?
I’m not sure giving meaning to a possession is a bad thing. I am still pondering this idea, but giving meaning to your possessions can be a good thing. People will always surround themselves with things that they are passionate about, these things/possessions will have tremendous meaning to them because it makes them think about their passion. Like a portrait of a city landscape or a wall filled with photos of friends, stacks of DVD’s. All of them link to a passion. The ‘thing’ can be seen as a passion on display.

What is truly important in my life?
My list of musts pretty much sums this up.

How will my life improve if I own less stuff?
Well, but having less stuff, there’s definitely less distractions. One thing I learned so far is because my immediate work and home environment both have less “stuff” in it, there is fewer distractions that eat up my time. Also, because there is less clutter I am forced to live tidier.

Example: the extra chair that stood next to my bed is now gone, this forces me to fold up my clothes and pack it away and not use the char as a clothes hanger. Leaving only one book on my bed side table somehow makes me want to read it more as opposed to seeing 5 books and never reading any of them.

Is this improving my life? At this point it is on a smaller scale, soon to be bigger scale I believe. Whereas now I feel more organised, calmer, less  busy and more “free” I can only assume this will open up doors for more important things in my life.

Stay tuned…