This is a concept or idea that I’ve been mulling over in my mind since the end of December 2014. It came after reading Deepak Chopra’s ‘The Future of God’ book.

It comes down to the idea that:

Whatever you see in others is an expression of what is already inside you.

It may sounds very simplistic, and it probably is, but read it again…

Do you feel the people around you are always in a rush? Perhaps you are the one that needs to address your feeling of being rushed, or not having enough time to do what you set out to do every day.

Do you feel a sense of hatred towards someone/others? Think of one person you really do not like. It can be a politician, friend, family member or a historical figure. You probably feel that your hatred towards him/her/them is justified because they did something bad to you or others around them. But, perhaps you are the one that are already hateful?

Do you feel a sense of love and compassion towards a certain group of people, animals or individuals? Then perhaps you are already the one with Love inside you.

Do you understand what I am saying? All the external objects we hate, love and feel irritated towards that invoke all kinds of emotions, makes us impatient, etc are ALL a means to express externally what we are already feeling internally. The taxi driver that cut you off on the road and caused you to yell at them and lose your temper is in no way the fault of the taxi driver. It has nothing to do with the taxi driver… no… it is a means for you to release the anger/impatience that exists already inside you.

This mentality, or idea is rooted in the belief that external stimuli does not create emotions/feelings inside us. No.. We are already complete human beings with all and any feeling and emotions that exist already inside us. The external “trigger” is exactly that, a trigger for you to release your love, hate, compassion, sympathy, anger, frustration, etc.

Once this idea takes root inside you and you begin to understand it then you will begin to realize that the solution to all your problems lie within you. You are the gatekeeper, you hold all the keys and you know where all the doors are. It is not up to others, or the fault of others. It matters not where you find yourself, who you surround yourself with, or what you keep yourself busy with. External stimuli will come and go  like the wind and vary like the seasons. You cannot prevent external factors coming across your path.

What you can do is become aware of what lies inside you: Get to know the anger, love, hate, patience, love and plethora or feelings, thoughts and emotions inside you. Don’s see them as being generated by something external, no, see them as being triggered after being already dormant within your mind. Then only will you begin to take control of your life and be in charge of the external stimuli and factors that flood across our lives daily.

Then only will you dictate when you get angry, lose your patience, feel love, or feel alone. Become a more self-aware, more enlightened human being.

Anyway…this is the idea. I will continue to grind about with this idea in my mind.