After reading Deepak Chopra’s latest book titled ‘The Future of God’, I decided to and implement his take on “being a centered human” into my every day life.

The idea behind being in your center can be explained in various ways, using various terminologies but the basic idea is that you as a human need to stay balanced and in your ideal emotional/physical/mental and psychological mood as a human.

Everything we encounter every day either unbalance or balances us. Our daily encounters moves us into our center of control, calm, peace and stability. These events can be physical, mental, emotional and psychological events that you encounter every day. These vents influence us on multiple levels and this causes us to feel, behave and even become a certain type of person.

The goal is to be aware of these events and know which type of events you need that makes you happy, calm, gives you joy and a sense of purpose, peace and motivation (center you). Also know which events stress you out, makes you impatient, angry, selfish and jealous. (de-center you)

So I’ve been trying to stay focused on the things that centers me and I have not been too successful. I get overwhelmed by things such as work, being tired, not spending time with the things that “fills my tank”, etc. This in turns opens up an entire new door of quarreling with my wife, being selfish at home, irritated, etc. It is this deadly cycle.

If both you and your partner are not centered then prepare for lots of arguments. Not nice.

In a relational/married/couples environment it is absolutely crucial that eat least one, either you or your partner are at least feeling a little centralized, filled, happy. This makes things easier as you play off each other. If the one is empty then the other one can fill you up. If your wife is empty then you can fill her up.

So how do you stay in your center? How do you stay fulfilled,, happy, at peace and motivated? Here’s a few tips I found that works:

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important as most of us already know. But being tired is the beginning of the shift our of your center. If you are tired then everything else will be a challenge to complete, enjoy and notice.

2. Know what fills your tank and tell others

Luckily we are not alone in this world, and your ability to live a centered life is not a journey you have to take on on your own. That is what friends, family and community is for. So, first ensure you know what makes you happy, or what fills your tank. For me it is spending time with family and friends, having alone time to play PC games, watching movies and listening to music (to name a few). Second tell other people about these things. Tell your inner circle. They will now know how to keep you centered at times when you are unable to stay centered.. And this is the benefit of community.

3. It is better to give than to receive

This is applicable not only in a relational sense, but also in general. Whether you have someone close in your life like a wife or boyfriend or whether you are currently single and have a circle or close friends, or even if you feel you have nobody. Life is connected. Everything is connected. And this is why when you give, you are sure to receive. I cannot over emphasize how important this principal is. It goes against anything that makes sense but it is a principle that have stood the test of time. It is better to give than to receive. You give to others then they need to receive, and this opens you up to receive during the times when you cannot give.

4. Why so Serious?

Often we take life way to serious. Being too serious tends to throw us completely off balance and out of our center. Take a lesson from The Joker and try to not take everything too serious? It is when we tend to see life as a long-term journey and make real meaningful life changing goals when we tend to not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the everyday life and its short term upsets and social pressure and group conformance.