I had the opportunity to share my entire life’s spiritual journey with a few close friends last night, and it was a real blessing, and revelation to myself to be able to prepare, and go through my “story” with everyone.

It was a great evening of respect, community in an environment where there’s no judgement, fear or division.What I took home from the evening (to mention only a few) was bunch of questions that was asked to me after I told my story. I will journey with these questions and add them to my list of questions I already have/want to figure out this year.

They are:

  1. Know what I believe in
  2. Know who or what God is
  3. Know how this knowledge of God changes my life

The questions that stuck with me after last night were:

  1. Why do I have the need to know/verbalize what I believe in?
  2. My story had very few characters in it. Why?
  3. What is next in my journey?

I am very excited about the journey I am on at the moment. It is funny how I moved from being set in a Religion, to Challenging the Religion, to Exiting the Church, to questioning God. All this time being busy with God. He’s never not been part of my life, and my life has always involved a very specific focus and attention that was given to figuring out, learning, understanding God.

So even though it may seem that I am now completely religion and God free, I feel I am for the first time completely free to experience God as He/It wants/needs/is intended to be.

For some reason figuring out God has always been a very important thing for me. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe this should be another question? 🙂