This is my journey into the World  of Warcraft that started 10 years late. If you’ve been following my journey then this is part 4.  I ended part 3 on a real cliffhanger! My 3 months journey from Vanilla to Burning Crusade, to Wrath of the Lich King, to Cataclysm and to Pandaria finally left me standing in front of the dark portal once again. This time to go to Outland (again) from a different time line.

Before I get into the details of my Draenor experience and the next part of my journey into World of Warcraft let me do a quick recap:
At this point I’m very familiar with the game and how the mechanics work. I’ve played now non-stop for almost 3 months. I didn’t succeed in leveling from 0-90 in time for the launch but I did get to a level 77 Death Knight. I’m still in love with the game and cannot wait for the expansion.
With Warlords of Draenor I was keen on joining a guild and finally getting into raiding.



As the expansion hit I’m sure you all know what happened. It was a disastrous launch for Blizzard. The launch is now being hailed as the worst World of Warcraft expansion launch ever. Players couldn’t log in, quest where bottle necked and servers were crashing! The demand was absolutely insane. Here’s a few photos:

Luckily I am very familiar with Blizzard game launches and I was expecting this. I patiently waited 3 days for the storm to calm, and then logged in.  I loved it. I’ve been playing non-stop since launch and I am now sitting with a level 100 Draenei Paladin, item level 645. My Garrison is on level 3, and my followers can almost do the 645 level Highmaul Raid.



I left out a very important aspect of playing World of Warcraft. Friends. Having a friend from the beginning is crucial to help you not only understand the game, but also enjoy the game. With Draenor I managed to make a few friends and also get a few of my current friends on board to play. We’re in a guild, and we are busy getting our numbers higher so we can go and raid.

A few thoughts on raiding: Blizzard sees players who aren’t in guilds as “casual” players and for us there is the “LFR” (Looking for Raid) function where we pair against 40/20 random players to complete a raid. This is seen as a joke in the WoW community as there is no skill, true community and plans in LFR. It’s basically a group of randomly selected people who are both adequitely and pathetically equipped to do the raid. Sadly, this was my only option as we simply could not get enough players to join our guild. I desperately want to do this the proper way, and do a raid with a proper guild.

Here’s a picture of my Paladin:

Overall my experience of Draenor was pretty satisfying. I know people hated it, especially because of the Garrisons. But I actually liked it. The story flowed nicely and easy  to understand. the plot was gripping and tense. I loved the zones and really enjoyed it. Yes it was “grindy”, and yes we were forced to stay in our garrisons but me not being in a proper guild or raiding group didn’t know anything else.