Living in South Africa sure is an adventure. And depending on your definition of the word ‘adventure’, this can mean good, bad or sometimes both. I love this country, but can not help but notice that unfortunately more and more people tend to be less sensitive, caring, serving and loving towards their neighbors, and unfortunately the ‘race’ issue is all but returning the most of us. It’s all intertwined these days, race, love, hate, crime, love and despair. Yup I am most certainly generalizing, and it’s not often that I write about political issues, or racial issues here on this blog, but I feel it is something I need to share.

What is it like to live in a country where the government is corrupt and law-enforcement on just about all levels are non existent? The level of crime has reached such a high and gruesome level that most people are so fed-up they’re just about ready to shoot anyone that tresspasses, or emigrate.

What is it like to live in a country where the majority of people keep voting for the same corrupt political party over and over again? Honestly: It is a challenge.

But this is where I feel we need to draw a very VERY thick line that distinguishes between two very different issues. Namely Crime, and Race.

1. Just because Crime in South Africa has a black face, does not mean all black people are  criminals
2. Just because the majority of the uneducated people in South Africa are black, does not mean all black people are uneducated.

These are the assumptions (to name only 2) that I’ve had to deal with lately, or have seen/heard among workers, friends and family. It saddens me that after so many years (19 to be exact) people are still as racist as they were 15 years ago.

For most of us the journey out of apartheid to reconciliation is a process that takes time. Heck it will probably take an entire lifetime for some people. But it saddens me to see people that are moving in the wrong direction, becoming more racist, more angry, more judgemental, more exclusive.

Where is the love? Are we not to love our neighbour as we love ourselves? Yet so many people struggle with this purely because the colour of someone’s skin.

Let me end with this amazing quote by this amazing man: