I’ve lost count on how many times I referred back to The Matrix to explain a spiritual situation or make sense of my own spiritual situation. The Matrix is filled with spiritual meanings that anyone can relate to. From the story, to the characters, to the plot, everything has a spiritual connotation to it.

Here’s a few examples:

The Lost vs The Saved

As a Christian when I first watched The Matrix I was stuck under a law/performance based mindset. Do good deeds then God will bless me, do bad deeds then God will punish me. The word grace had little meaning to me other than the obvious definition if receiving something without deserving.  To me The Matrix was all about the one savior (Neo) waking up to the false world with its lies (sin). After seeing Zion, the real world (heaven) he returns to save the people (as saviors do) and release them from the prison of the Matrix (Hell).

The Morpheus/Neo scene with the blue pill or the red pill is loaded with spiritual meaning as well. It’s all  about choice. We have a choice in knowing the truth and that there is a heaven out there, or we can choose to stay in this materialistic world.

Neo stopping bullets and bending the rules of the Matrix can be seen as spiritually doing wonders.

The Law vs Grace

Then I opened up to the idea of grace and how we are completely free from the curse of any law or rule-set that forces us to behave in a certain way in order to attain something for it in return. I learned how we are justified by the righteousness given to us by Jesus (christian lingo), and not our own deeds. The movie changed meaning. The people in the matrix are now the believers under law. Stuck. While the people in Zion are the people free from the law. Neo is seen as a savior (again) that comes to free the enslaved  minds and set them free.

Then there are many other ways one can look at The Matrix. When topics such as belief, God and love come up one can easily refer back to The Matrix to help explain it:

A God

When trying to explain God one can look at the Matrix and see Neo as a typical example of someone who started noticing that there must be more to the world as we know it (or can see, smell, taste, touch). He just knew it deep inside of him. Later on he started seeing signs in the form of a ‘glitch’ in the Matrix. Similarly we can say that in Today’s world most people live their daily lives in the world (Matrix) blind without even noticing a God and they may be completely happy as is. There are those who start to notice that there are something more. That there is a real world (Zion) out there and a God that must be in control of it. One can only know for certain that the real world exists after seeing it. This was the case for Neo. Only after he was transferred out of the Matrix to the real world did he know Zion (God/Spiritual world) is real.

We see ‘glitches’ in the world Today of another world. People will call this miracles or acts of God. But in today’s world it takes faith to believe in Zion (God) while being stuck in the world (Matrix).

This is why I love The Matrix. I wonder what revelations I will get out of this movie going forward.

How has Zion, The Matix, Neo, Morpheus and the Agents change meaning for you?