This is continuing series on my life realizations when religion gets stripped off. If you complete forget/ignore and try to not think of anything you know or where taught about God, Jesus or religion. Then what truths come to light when you look at the world?

Here’s what I already discussed in post 1 and 2:

#1 There is something wrong with the world
#2 There is something wrong with me

The the third realization continues directly from the third one, and may again seem pretty obvious to some people:

#3 This is not the way it is supposed to be

If you understand or agree that there is something wrong with the world, and that there is something wrong with mankind (me/you) then it is only natural that this is not the way it is supposed to be. If something is wrong, then surely something can be right as well?

The third realization is easy to see by simply observing mankind. We have this innate inner desire to learn, acquire, grow, advance and become something better than what we currently are. Whether it’s a better mother, friend, father, lover, intellectual, teacher, reader, athlete or anything. Mankind is born with this desire to advance and become great at something. This something differs from person to person. The question is where do we get this? Sure our parents are the ones that teaches us to become smarter, kinder, learn manners and then later we carry this on by trying to become good wherever we find ourselves in our lives.

It normally starts with the people in our inner circle like our close family and friends. We have a desire to be good, kind, humble, friendly, serve and loving to them. Why?

I believe we are born with a inner desire to become better versions of ourselves. To me this desire is much more than just a desire, it is almost a responsibility. It is almost as if God or whoever is in control of everything in this world and universe knew that there will go something wrong with the world and with mankind, hence we are given this desire to make things better. Starting with ourselves first.

I believe that we are not supposed to be hurt, broken, bent, sad or lonely. We have a destiny/responsibility to bring back peace, love, kindness, community and value to ourselves, our loved ones, our community and ultimately the world. Restoring it from its current state of being “broken”. We need to bring the world, humanity and ourselves back into a state or harmony and being perfect.

If there is something wrong with the world, and that “wrong” is pain, war, sadness, rape, loneliness, grief, despair, sadness, greed, pride, lust and selfishness then the desire we have in us needs to drive us forward to bring back the world and mankind to its original and intended state. This is our destiny. This is our responsibility.

So this is my third realization. We’re not supposed to be broken. Listening to our inner being prompts us to become better versions of ourselves is where we begin, then the rest of the¬†world and mankind.