This is the second post in a series I am starting called Religion Stripped off. Check-out part one here.

The next realization I came to may not be as acceptable to everyone as the previous one. Which is:

#1 There is something wrong with the world.

I’m going to jump right in:

#2 There is something wrong with me.

Right… if you understand and agree with #1 then #2 won’t be that hard to accept. Let me explain. If I forget about God, church and any religious background that I may have then it becomes very obvious (to me) that we as humans and individually are not the way we are supposed to be. If you spend some time observing the people around you, the people at work and your close family and friends and even yourself then you will notice that the world is filled with people that are “flawed”. Flawed not in both good and bad ways. It all depends on your definition of Good and Bad.

As mentioned previously Good to me means the things we generally try to achieve in our lives, things like prosperity, health, beauty, family, friends, love, generosity, kindness, service, etc. Bad being war, pain, suffering, poverty, rape, death, greed, lust, etc.

So naturally there exists people in this world who will exhibit both good and bad qualities. It is after all we who make the world a good or bad place. I don’t believe this is the way it is supposed to be,I believe we are all meant to be good, or for something good, a higher more important version than ourselves currently. And for this to happen we all need to become the best versions of ourselves. We need to be enlightened, become wiser,  become loving, become more caring, serving and humble, saved. Less hating, less pride, less violence in ourselves, and less greed.

It is as-if the world as I described it in the first post is a reflection of what we look like inside ourselves. Inside us there is  battle going on between what we want to be like, and what we actually are like. We want to be loving but we are actually greedy. We want to serve,  but we are selfish. This is not the way it is supposed to be.

Some people may be very happy and content being the way they are. Believing once again that good and bad together creates a perfect balance. They embrace the good and the bad in them. The bad things they have are things they are willing to live with. They feel no need at all to be less “bad” and more “good”. The only reason why we ever make a distinction between bad and good ourselves is we identify for ourselves what is good and bad. And we follow this taught or self learned discernment by setting these good things as goals for ourselves. Once you identify for yourself what you believe is something worth living for, something that you identify as a  central truth in your life then that becomes something you strive towards, it becomes something you want to be like, achieve, exhibit inside you. These “good” things we want more of, in our lives. This is an individual journey of becoming. A journey of metamorphosis where you grow and become what you are “destined” to become.

Example: I want to stop smoking. This decision or goal means I view smoking as something bad (for me) and not smoking as something good. I thus want to strive for the good. Christians will call this becoming more like Jesus or becoming “holy” because Jesus is the one truth and goal they all strive towards. Muslims will call this Mohammed, be more like the prophet Muhammed. Others will call this a state of Nirvana, or simply achieving higher enlightenment.

We all have this intrinsic desire to be better than we are. Whether this is not only something that gets drilled into us by religion or not. Mankind has this desire to improve itself, learn more, become more knowledgeable. Where do we get this from? This desire is not always a good thing. In a twisted mind this can be the desire to become the worlds biggest murderer, or the worlds greatest liar. It once again depends on what you determine for yourself as “truth” and if this truth is worth attempting to achieve and make a reality in your life. I am not talking about universal “good” and “bad” things, I am talking about individually we constantly strive to be more, better, good whether we like it or not. This desire alone proves that we are in an imperfect state, a state of “lack” or being unfulfilled.

This is why I believe we as humans are not the way we are supposed to be. Whether we are born this way, or whether we become this way sometime during our lives… the fact remains that we do not wish to remain as we are, or will always find something worth trying to achieve or to become like. We want to change for whatever we think are worth changing for. Whether it is a better father, mother, son, worker, employee, manager, boss, friend, or lover… we all want to become better at something and become that which we strive towards.

This shows that obviously then #2 There is something wrong with me.

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