This is taken from another inspirational / motivational person whom I love to follow, Robin Sharma. The idea is to identify your “Picasso-Zone” and focus everything you have on it.

What is your Picasso-Zone? Your Picasso Zone is the area/expertise in your life that you naturally excel at. That thing that you do better than the average person out there. Robin says that focus + daily improvement + time = genius. Understand that formula deeply and your life will never be the same


Makes me think of the story of Pablo Picasso. One day a woman spotted him in the market and pulled out a piece of paper. “Mr. Picasso,” she said excitedly. “I’m a big fan. Please, could you do a little drawing for me?” Picasso happily complied and quickly etched out a piece of art for her on the paper provided. He then smiled as he handed it back to her. “That will be a million dollars,” “But Mr. Picasso, “the woman replied, flustered.”It only took you thirty seconds to do this little masterpiece.” “My good woman,” Picasso laughed, “It took me thirty years to do that masterpiece in thirty seconds.”

Know what you can excel at – your ‘picasso-zone’. Perhaps your special talent involves innovation and creativity and seeing what everyone else sees but thinking a different thought. Find your picasso-zone and then develop them. Start today and in three to five years people will be writing about you. Calling you a genius. Celebrating your magnificence.

It sounds like a massive sales pitch, and is surely easier said that done. I currently have a few things in mind that can be my picasso-zone but I simply cannot see how this will make me a “genius”. More importantly, how I can take my picasso-zone and start to make money from it. This is the end goal correct? To be able to do what you love and still make money out of it, so you can stop what your doing now (which is in my case NOT what I love).

If I take a deeper look into the matter, things I would like to be my picasso-zone can be gaming, movies and web design. These are the things I like doing. I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

Haha, Imagine this conversation: “Wife, I need to play games for 5 hours day so this can  become a master at it, my picasso-zone! 🙂