Faith, the one thing everyone is struggling with.

I had a kind of a revelation while driving home the other day about Faith. But first let me sketch the typical scenario the average person has with Faith.

We as Christians have Faith that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and because we believe, and have faith in this we are saved and can go to heaven.

Sounds right correct? In theory it is, but boy is it a vague statement. There is so much more going on, and if you are not convinced about this 100% then you will one day or another have some type of faith crisis. Let me explain:

It all started with a few things Jesus said to people he healed, or whose prayers he answered, he replied saying “Your Faith has healed you”, or especially the healing of the centurion’s daughter to which Jesus said “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith”

Quotes like these leads us to believe that having great or more faith is something to strive towards. We make this our life missions, to have the greatest faith ever. We do so for various reasons, but mostly it has to do with the benefit if feeling closer to God, receiving more from Him, having our own prayers answered. We believe that our measure of experiencing God’s love of blessings is directly dependant on our level or measure of faith.

I started thinking about this, and realized that the most dangerous thing we could have ever start believing was that faith can be measured, that it is a substance that can be little, more or plenty. If you believe this (that your faith is not strong enough, or big enough) then my question is how to you get more then? How do you get more faith? Do you have to DO more? Believe harder? How do you believe something harder? You either believe it or you don’t.

Here’s the problem. We believe our measure of love experienced from God, or blessings or answered prayers received from Him is based in OUR faith in Him. When it should be our faith in what He DID. See the difference? It’s huge. Our level of faith is not what gives us or gets us into any of God’s good books. No, it is our faith in What Jesus already did that does these things.

Example: I buy my wife a brand new Macbook Pro, and surprise her with it by placing it on the bed so when she gets home she gets the surprise. I already bought it with my money, I gave it to her. I did these things. Now she can react in two ways.

1. She can be over the moon with joy and thank me and simply believe that I bought it for her.
2. Because she never really saw me buy the macbook pro she can have doubt as to whether I actually bought it. This means she’s not fully convinced that it was me who bought it. it does not change the fact that she has the new macbook pro, but she does not really believe it was me who bought it that much. only a little.

Her measure of believing me when I say I bought it does not change the fact that in truth I bought it.

Whichever she believes, the truth is I bought it, it’s done. Whatever you believe, Jesus ensured that you are forgiven and opened the door to salvation. your level of believing this, or faith does not change this. Whether you believe it a little, or a lot, it does not change the truth. If you believe it 100% or in your mind have “great faith”, it has no difference to the person who believe it a little. little or plenty, the truth remains truth. Jesus did it. It is done.

If this is true, why then do we believe that, I need to believe in everything Jesus did “a lot” in order to be happy, or receive blessings, or get answered prayers? Faith can not be much or little. You either have it or you don’t.

Perhaps a different terminology should be used. We should not say I do not have enough faith that God will protect me, we should rather say “I’m not convinced enough that what He promises is true”. It is our conviction in the promises of God that is a whole other ball game, not our faith.

All I know is if we believe our faith can become more or less, we are spiralling down a self-righteous deeds mentality that will make us feel we deserve, or don’t deserve anything from God. Depending on OUR deeds, OUR faith. While the truth is we can have faith as small as a mustard seed that what God says is true, what Jesus did is done. All I need to do is accept it, like a child. and move on.