This mentality is embedded so deep into the minds of Christians that it is almost difficult to image it not to be true. Made popular by movies, music and even the bible, one get a warped understanding that just as God gives (Blessings) He also takes away  (is that considered a curse then?) from those He loves.

How many gospel songs do you know that goes something like this: “He Gives and Takes away, but still my heart will say I love You”, or something along this line. The idea being that God blesses us, but He can also remove, or take away blessings from us. Even worse, people walk around thinking that they somehow DESERVE the blessing being taken away… How many people do you know that believe that they didn’t get that promotion, their car was stolen, they lost their Job, or they experienced some sort of tragedy because they started to neglect/forget about God, the one who gave these things to them. And in this ‘taking away’ of the blessing God kinda ‘brings the person back’ or allows the person to realize what is important again. That being time with God, commitment, Obedience, Sacrifice.
This mentality makes me sick. I would think it makes God sick as well.
Imagine a loving Father give a gift to His son, only to take away the gift whenever the son is naughty. This is some kind of sadistic Father if you ask me. Is God not our Father in Heaven? Is He not the loving Father? Then why on earth do we see our relationship with Him as a give-and-take type of thing?
An incorrect understanding of our relationship with God is one of the biggest problems Christians face these days.
We are no longer in a do-good-get-good-do-bad-get-bad relationship.
Let’s be clear, it is the Devil that steals and take away. Not God. How sad that we attribute something that the Devil does to God.
God wants only the best for you, He gives, He blesses. That is all.