I really appreciate seeing people do the things they love. Like a person with a passion for collecting Star Wars figurines. That person can tell you everything there is to now about Star Wars Figurines. Or a guy that love cars. Simply watch and listen how he can talk to you for hours about engines, cars and the latest models. Granted if the topic does not interest you you may get bored rather quickly, but the point is to notice the passion, notice the love.

For me there are (among many things) 2 specific things that I deeply love. That is music and coffee.

There is nothing better than tasting a proper cup of coffee in the morning. I love coffee! Luckily I have an awesome father-in-law that also loves coffee. He is meticulous in his preparing of coffee every morning, and it has to be perfect! The amount of water with the amount of cream, the time it takes to blend, and the temperature. That is love. That is someone busy with something they are passionate about.

The second thing is music. I love Music. Ok who doesn’t? But I mean I Reeeaaaly do! I can spend hours sorting out my music collection, downloading album art, creating playlists, organizing the genres and searching for new music. Music does something to me.. and I love it! Listening to someone talk about a band, a type of music, or seeing someone being swept up emotionally by their favourite song is something to experience.

Next time the guy in the car next to you blasts his rap, or hip-hop or whatever genre you don’t appreciate. Don’t look at him in disgust, try and see his appreciation for music. 🙂

What are the things that you love with such a deep and intense fire that the people around you cannot help but notice? Do you make time to lose yourself in it? Don’t suppress this love of yours, doing so you are covering something in yourself that can truly be a blessing to the world and the people around you!