I finally finished reading The Secrets of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.  Yup, I’m a slow reader. And.. I must say it is another life changer. I posted quite a few from the book here already. In the book you are given 9 extremely valuable life lessons/truths. The ones that I’ve posted already are The Power of Authenticity,  Embrace your Fears and To lead your Best Life, do your Best Work.

The next one I want to post here is: Live with Kindness

It is important to remember that just as words are our thoughts verbalised so I deeds are our beliefs actualised. No action no matter how small is insignificant.  How we treat someone defines how we treat everyone including ourselves. If we disrespect another we disrespect ourselves if we are mistrustful of others we are distrustful of ourselves. With every person we engage in everything we do we must be kinder than expected more generous than anticipated more positive  than we thought possible. Every moment in front of a human being is an opportunity to express our highest values and influence someone with our humanity.  we can make the world better one person at a time.

Life is important, every moment counts. The few seconds you spend with the car guard, the lady behind the till, the security guard at your office, or at your complex. Every interaction matters, because everything is connected. The last sentence hits where it counts: Make the world better one person at a time.

Do you have this mentality? Are you open to the world around you? Do you realise the power that you as a human being have to make a difference? We get so caught up in our own world, and our own circle of friends and family, that we forget about the world around us that we live in. You CAN make the world a better place.

I am going to make an effort to connect with the people that most people normally never even notices in our society. The security guard, the cleaner at the office, the quiet dude at the end of the office that nobody ever speaks to. By a simple simile, or a few minutes of your time you can extend the hand of kindness. This world has become way too ruthless and selfish, and we desperately need more people that can stop, turn around and smile at the person next to you and ask with sincerity: “How are you really doing?”.