If you like Instagram, you’lll Love Snapseed!!

Snapseed is a pretty awesome photo editing app that will allow you to do so much more than the usual photo editing applications that you may have been aware of.

If you are used to smartphone photo editing apps like Photohop, or Instagram, then you will be pleasantly surprised. Once you’ve loaded your photo into Snapseed you get options to an auto-adjust, and then selective adjust. The auto adjust is pretty self-explanatory, and the selective adjust give you the opportunity to change the brightness on a specific location on the image. It does not change the brightness of the entire image, but only where you selected. Next you have the option to tune the image in one of four categories, Brightness, Contract, Ambiance, Saturation and White Balance. The touch screen makes it prey easy for you to find the perfect balance, and undo any changes made.

After tuning the image, you have the option of cropping, straightening and sharpening the image.

Once you’ve done all of this, then you have a wide variety of filters to choose from that you can add to the image.

This is truly a spectacular app. With Instagram your photo editing is really limited, prior to choosing a filter. Below is a before and after photo of my first Snapseed Photo: