We are all on the journey to be at a state of happiness. Whether it is at a state of financial independence, or finding a partner, or achieving some goal, we all want to achieve certain things that will put us in a state of  being satisfied with ourselves, where we can “stop working and be happy”, where we can “not worry about money and just do the things I love”.
The fact is this state seems to be an elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. How often have you achieved a certain goal, and you feel happy afterwards, but then soon the happiness fades and you are back on your horse running towards the next “thing” that will give you the happiness you think you deserve.
So, it has become clear to me that happiness is not a place you arrive at, it is a state of being. You can live your life in such a way that you are constantly in this state of happiness. Regardless of achievements, or material possessions, or money.
Here’s one trick I learnt that really works: The Art of Being Grateful
By learning how to cultivate the habit of being grateful you are one step closer to living a life in the happiness state. How is it that being thankful can make such a big difference? Well a few reasons:
1-      Only thinking about things you are grateful for shifts your mind from stress and worry to positive things. A positive mind is one definite requirement to being happy.
2-      It turns bad things into good things. Does your work sucks? Be grateful you have a job.
3-      It reminds you of what is important. Being grateful for your house, wife, kids, friends, family and food on the table enables you to focus on the important things. This diminishes the need for smaller petty things like holidays, cars, lavish living and spending sprees.
Now this may all seem like a lot of pie in the sky mumbo jumbo. Focusing on the good things and being grateful for them does not take away the negative thing in your life or the thing that is stealing your happiness from you, like a break-up or a retrenchment. But, it does help with dealing with it better. Knowing what you have (by being constantly thankful for it) will put things in your life into perspective, thus helping you deal with loss in your life better once you know what you still have left.
Happiness is a state of mind. That is a life lesson. I want to focus more on the happy things in life, forget about the negative. This… is a step closer to a life beautifully lived.