I can appreciate people with a specific skill in a specific area in their lives, or in this world. Take a mechanic for example. I truly respect and appreciate that a mechanic acquired a specific set of skills that allows him to fix cars. Not everybody can do what he is doing.

Hey this is the abc’s of making money, you charge people for something that you can do for them, or provide, that they cannot do for themselves. We go to the doctor and pay him (a lot) because he has the knowledge and skill to help us, and we do not.

But what I really love is catching people in that moment when they are busy with something that they truly love. You can spot it a mile away… Be it watching their favorite movie, or reading their favorite book, or teaching in front of kids, or playing a computer game. This inspires me. When people do something they truly love something happens, it is like a force is unleashed that sends a wave of hope, positivity, and inspiration all around them touching everybody in a close enough vicinity.
Do you notice this? Have you seen people losing themselves in what they love? The world needs more people that lose themselves in this way. Imagine that kind of world…