Staying on the motivation band-wagon. I watched an awesome clip by (Yup guess who) Robin Sharma. Making 2013 your best year yet (Here’s a link to the video). He gives 4 tips on how you can do this (make 2013 your best year yet). This ties in a lot with what I have written about starting a habit and beginning small. It is a series of positive habits that need to be started and kept through-out the year:

1.      Paint a picture of your best year
This is what I call n “vision board”. Take all the things you see yourself doing/achieving this year and put it in writing on a board or poster. Hang it up somewhere visible. On this vision board you write all the things you want to achieve this year regarding health, family, career, etc. How do you want these things to look/work out for you at the end of 2013?
2.      Holy hour.This is the first hour of your day. Start with exercise, then quiet time, or the other way around. Use this time to collect thoughts, go over the days schedule or meditate. This is a difficult one for me, my mornings already start at 5:30AM so getting up even earlier is really going to be a stretch for me. At the moment my ‘holy hour’ is broken up into sections. I have my exercise in the afternoons, and meditation/quiet time once I get to work. I realize this is something I may need to change. The whole point is to do this first thing in the morning. This is how you start your day.
3.      Second Wind Workout. Do another short workout/exploring/exercise before the end of the day. This can be time spent in nature, going for a walk, or having time set apart for meditation or being alone. The idea is to have this more towards the end of the day which will enable you to reflect on the day, clear your mind and thoughts. This will enable you to go home with a calm, stress free mindset.
4.      Scheduling & Time Management. Things that get scheduled are things that get done. Make an effort to plan your entire week on a Sunday. Print out weekly calendars, and schedule everything you want to make time for. You can use part of your holy hour to go through the days calendar. Once your week becomes scheduled, you will feel more in control of your week, your month, your life!
Personally I am on par with point 1, 3 and 4. I need to make my Holy Hour a priority. What about you? Are you willing to add these steps that may lead to your best year yet?