I’m a gadget freak. I love things with buttons that get things done. Hence the evolution of the normal phone to what we Today know as a smartphone is for me one of the greatest inventions ever! I love that I can do basically anything from my phone. I can do banking, find driving directions to just about anywhere in the world, stay in contact with anyone I’ve ever met.

If you had to explain smartphones to someone from the 1980’s, then it would probably go something like this: “In my pocket I have a device that gives me access to all the information known to mankind, and I primarily use it to look at funny pictures of cats.”
So, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite apps that I really love. Some of them useful, some of them not so useful, but pure fun!
1.       Moves. A pedometer on your phone. This is my latest fad. Why? Because everyone loves to know how far they’ve walked in one day. Lol. I am not sure how accurate this is yet, but I do know that it does take a chunk out of  your battery. Then again if you charge your phone every night then this is not really going to make a difference in your charging schedule.
2.       Google Maps. Let’s face it, the Apple Maps app suck. Google Maps have voice navigation, and it is accurate to the tee. Nobody beats Google when it comes to maps. ‘Nuff said.
3.       FlightBoard: Gives you the arrival and departure screens you find at airports on your phone. Not that I am in anyway a frequent traveler. But, it does come in handy when you have to go pickup someone from the airport and you need to know if their flight is delayed.
4.       Supersport: The Supersport app has come a long way, from being a really thick slow app, to giving you the info you want on the go; Live scores. I use this app almost every day. When at a ‘braai’, in a meeting, or even in church, quickly open this baby up and get the latest cricket or rugby score.
5.       FlipBoard: FlipBoard is a news reader app that combines all your favorite online news sources into one ‘Flip board’ that you can flip through and stay in touch with your favorite news sites. I use this one first thing in the morning while lying in bed. It’s like my newspaper in the morning. Hehe.
Productivity to the max:
Here’s a few apps that really make my life easier:
1.       The Standard bank Banking app
2.       Calculator
3.       Google Maps
4.       Ster-Kinekor app
5.       Flashlight
Here’s my list of all-time fav’s:

Here’s to the small things in life that makes life easier. And when it comes to apps, I am loving it