I am busy working through a rather lengthy series by Frank Viola on the book of Colossians. One of the many things that hit me was this specific verse in Colossians 3:


 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” – Col 3:3


Consider the fact that you, as a human have died. You are no longer alive. But you where made alive again, as a new being, your spirit made alive! This new precious life that remains in you is hidden in a secret place, and this secret place is none other than with Christ… IN God.
We are all familiar with the process of being “Born Again”. Goodbye to the old self, and hello to the new you. This is the process in which our spirits are made alive with Christ, the old self being compared to being buried, dead. The new self being born again as if going through the womb again. But this new self is not seen by everyone, it is hidden away. The “world” out there does not see this new you, they still see your body, your flesh, your soul. The part of you that is merely a representation of your new self, but is far from defining you. No, your new self is defined by the person of Jesus alone.
What I like about this verse is it really shows how valuable we are to God. Our new Identity, our new born self is so precious to God that we are kept by Him, IN Him. Nothing can defile or touch or harm us. What better place to be than IN God. Wow.