I’m compiling my best-of lists for 2012, everything from movies, to moments, Gadgets to Albums. Kicking off with Books.

2012 was definitely not a great book reading year for me, this is something I hope to change come 2013. But, I did read 2 really awesome books that changed my life. This makes me rather content with reading so few, I chose them well. J


        Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola

Get ready to have you “Christian” world rocked to the ground with this book. Frank takes you through the History of the “Church” as we know it and breaks down how many of the rituals, building structure, sermon structure and the general way we do “church” these days are actually biblical, and how many of these things have Pagan roots.

He compares the Bibles version of how “Church” was done to the way we see it now with our Multi-Million Dollar Mega Churches and our one-man shows. This book opened me up to what it truly means to be part of the Ecclesia of God, and what it definitely means to NOT be part of it.

       The Monk who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

If you’ve been reading this blog then you will have an idea on what impact this book had on me. A change to a higher enlightenment by achieving simple yet challenging goals. Cultivating a lifestyle you desire by focusing on Body, Soul and Spirit.

This book does give this an “eastern” spiritual spin on things, but this did not really bother me as I already have the everlasting source to focus on that is the root of it all.

   – The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra

I wasn’t too impressed with this book. It started out Good. Deepak proposes that there is a 3rd depiction of Jesus that is more true and accurate compared to the depictions of Jesus we see in history, and the one we see in Today’s world.

Both the historical and the present “versions” of Jesus we believe in have been grossly interpreted incorrectly and transformed into a religious mega-church Jesus. There is however a third version, one which proposes an enlightenment of such a level that when achieved will make all His radical teachings possible.