This post turned out to be a bit longer than expected…

Why is it that whenever we hear good news, and I mean it is REALLY good news there is always something in us that will never believe it, and inevitably find reasons to have the good news turn into average news.
Take the good old “All your sins is forgiven” example. Why is it so hard for people to see this for what it really is. ALL your sins, meaning ALL your sins you have done, and sins you are still doing and ever will do is FORGIVEN, no more punishment for them ever!! Why is it that when hearing this, which in my opinion is the best news this world has ever heard, we immediately assume the worst, which 99% of the time goes something like this:
“So if ALL my sins are forgiven, even my future sins, then what is going to stop me from just going on an sinning like crazy??”
You see, if this is you, if you have thought this, the it gives away quite a lot about what you believe, how you believe, and how you see God, and how you see yourself.
Let me explain:
By thinking that people will simply go on a sinning spree once they learn ALL their sins are forgiven, you are actually saying that the only reason people are NOT sinning to begin with is the fear they have of punishment, and that sinning is something that people can’t stop doing even if they wanted to. You are saying that without the fear of punishment, order and good will never be established in a society. Think about it. You have a very low opinion about mankind (it’s never yourself, it’s normally ‘weaker Christians’ who aren’t strong enough yet) and their ability to trust God and Jesus and the Holy spirit inside them that will lead them to do the right thing and live righteous lifestyles. You have the opinion that if there is no more punishment, then the world will turn into chaos! You have effectively nullified the good news, which is people that deserved death have another chance at life. You have nullified the goodness of the message all the apostles preached. That Christ died ONCE AND FOR ALL, FOR ALL MANKIND, RECONCILING THE WORLD TO HIMSELF.
But… let’s say that you are correct, that ALL your sins are NOT forgiven, let’s look some scenarios and how plausible they are according to what the bible says. You will see believing this makes absolutely no sense:
First a quick lesson on payment for sins. Throughout the entire bible mankind always had to pay for the sins they committed. Either through punishment from God, or through a sacrifice. Actually only from the establishment of the 2nd covenant, but let’s leave that out for now. You will see that a sacrifice of bulls or goats ALWAYS has to be made. Some kind of death had to happen, blood had to flow. Only then God forgave. God was just, and payment ALWAYS had to be made for any type of sin. If God did not directly punish, the sacrifice was accepted for the specific sin that was committed. This is the way sins where forgiven, even up to the point when Jesus was born, and all the way through to His death.
Case 1: You believe that all your sins are forgiven, but all the sins I commit AFTER becoming a Christian needs to be confessed in order to be forgiven:
The continual confessing of sins for a believer is not biblical, and makes no sense (and no, 1 John 1:9 does not support this). If you believe you still need to confess sins you commit today and going forward for it to be forgiven, it means that the ones you have not confessed are not yet forgiven. Pretty obvious, otherwise why confess. Meaning you are walking around with unconfessed/unforgiven sins. But let’s say you know about EVERY sin you commit (everything not done in faith is sin) and you confess them (which is a daily if not hourly, if not a every minute thing) and ask forgiveness, does God simply just forgive? How does the forgiveness work? When you pray “God please forgive me for looking at porn” how does He forgive you? Does He simply say “Ok done you are forgiven”. No! A price still needs to be paid! Blood needs to flow…
…Enter Jesus.
He paid the price 200 years ago correct? Does his sacrifice somehow transcend time and He gets crucified again and you are now forgiven just because you confessed now? No! His sacrifice which happened 2000 years ago was a once off thing when He paid the price, which means you where forgiven for looking at porn today, 2000 years ago. There is simply no other logical explanation that takes care of the sins you commit today going forward except the belief that the sacrifice Jesus made 2000 years ago was so awesome that the entire worlds sins where taken care of. Yes, even the non-believers’ sins where forgiven.
Ok, so let’s say you believe it all sins were forgiven 2000 years ago, but you still need to confess that specific sin in order for the forgiveness to become real. Once again this is not biblical. Give me one example in the bible where BELIEVERS had to keep confessing their sins in order for the forgiveness to become real. I am not referring to non-believers. The day you gave your heart to Jesus you had a once-off confession where you accepted the sacrifice that was made 2000 years ago as real. You realized what Jesus did 2000 years ago, and this made you a new man, born again. Would it make sense for a prisoner to keep asking forgiveness for a crime that the payment/jail sentence was already given or paid for? Would it make sense to keep asking your best friend to forgive you for something he forgave you for years ago? If it was already forgiven, then there is no need to confess.
We are refusing to believe the good news, because we are stuck in an old covenant mentality. This mentality says that if I do good, I can expect to get good, but if I do bad, I must expect to get bad. But we don’t like the bad, even if we deserve it, so we get around it by confessing and easing our consciences into holding onto the  idea that God is God, and He will forgive and stop me from getting the bad. We are effectively treating the forgiveness of sins EXACTLY the same as the Israelites did in the old testament. Instead of sacrificing bulls and goats, we are falling to our knees and confessing, pleading for forgiveness. Hebrews 10 tackles this issue head on. This is a gross watering down and cheapens the ultimate price Jesus paid on the cross.
Why did He die if you feel you still have to confess to be forgiven on a continual basis? Why are you ignoring what Jesus did?
Dear friend, see the good news! The price has already been paid for all your sins, you do not have to feel guilty anymore when you sin. God sees you the same way He sees Jesus. White as snow, Forgiven, Holy and Righteous. Have faith in mankind that we do not need the fear of punishment or eternal damnation to keep us from sinning, we have the greatest helper in the world to assist us and to guide us. The Holy Spirit. He will lead us to truth, guide us, teach us. Titus 2:11