This is the second post on the basic principles of a healthy relationship with God. In Part 1 I talked about core truths we hold onto and how God is good ALL THE TIME.

Today I want to mention another very important aspect of having a very good relationship with God. That is …time. Just like any other relationship you have, your relationship with God will require time. It makes perfect sense really. How can you know Good, this ultimate being or claim to have a relationship with him/It when you spend almost no time with Him? How can you claim to be in a loving relationship with your spouse when you spend no quality time with them? Time spent can be various things, whether its alone time, quiet prayer, reading, or listening to something. It really does not matter. As long as you spend time getting to know God. It is once again such a cliche thing to read, and write, but it’s very important.

As with most things in life, spending more time on it will do a couple of things. You will learn more about the character of God, about how He acts, how He loves, and even what his voice sounds like. And I’m not talking about an audible voice descending from heaven, I am talking about the Spirit inside you. By spending time with/on God you are making your mind, soul and body more receptive for the will of God through the spirit inside you.

I do not want this to be a ‘work’ related task. The last thing this should be is a task you feel you have to complete every day. Each one of us has our own ways in which we connect, or experience God. The important thing is that you keep doing that. Be it music, Nature, Reading, Relationships with people, etc. It should be something that you WANT to do really. if God is someone you love and if you have experienced His love, grace and blessings isn’t it obvious that you will want to spend time with Him?

This is very challenging… I know. Life gets in the way, we’re a busy generation. But we must learn to prioritize the important things in life. God should take first place in anyone’s life when it comes to time. Not your wife, work or kids should take this place. I believe we have become so numb to the voice of God that we forget how it feels to really be at a place or time when we really ‘feel’ the holy Spirit. We forget, and we continue with our lives as if nothing is wrong, scheduling anything and everything into our busy calendars. Only making us more numb. We need to stop, reflect, and prioritize.