We all have good ideas, fantastic new year’s resolutions, or any idea that may improve our own lifestyles. We tend to get these ideas at the end of the year, going into the new year. This being the end of 2012 most of us probably already have a few things we want to start doing, or stop doing come 2013.
Why is it that so few of these ideas stick? We start going to the gym but eventually stop, we stop smoking but eventually start again. We start eating healthy but eventually fall into the same old unhealthy trap again. The problem is definitely NOT in knowing what is good for us (Well, at least most of us anyway). We all know what is good, we all know what to do to enhance our lifestyles, the problem is sticking to it. I believe this has to do with cultivating a habit out of the initiative we are beginning. The problem is not going to gym, the problem is STICKING to going to the gym on a regular basis.
We need to learn how to create a habit.
This is what I am starting to do from the beginning of this week. Small steps. As I previously mentioned, I am cutting down on my caffeine intake, and replacing this with green tea. Also, I am starting to take a daily early morning health shake on my way to work. This is only 2 small thins I am starting, but I am going to stick to it religiously, until it becomes a habit.