I will probable never stop posting pictures like these. It is our escape. It is my escape. It is the place where you go to that puts everything in perspective. We try and go here as much as humanly possible. But ‘Life’ gets in the way… It’s funny how access to the one place you need to get to that helps you make sense of it all is being blocked by the same thing you need to make sense of.

This got me thinking about how ridiculous it that we need ‘escapes’ or means to help us to cope, or to recover, before we can go back to life, our daily routines, or work. Is there not a way where we can learn to cope with the materialism, the consumerism, the wordiness, the falseness of this world without having to physically ‘go’ somewhere? Can the physical place not be a mental place in our heads?

Anyway, while I keep juggling this thoughts in my head, I will be going to our physical place next week. for one entire week. I really need this. I want this. I can’t wait.