So here’s te deal. I’ve been waiting for the iPhone 5 for quite some time now. I could have upgraded in March already, but decided to wait just incase the 5 came in July, like the iPhone4 did. That didn’t happend. So I decided to wait again until September. 2 months later, the phone has been launched and I am still waiting… why? Vodacom is taking it’s time in giving the phone to it’s users.

Even my wife upgraded last week, and got the 4S. What? Im sitting with the 3GS and she’s holding the 4S? Hehe.. seems a bit unfair. But… patience is the name of the game.

Why am I waiting so long? simple, I love the phone. I feel it is worth waiting for. With all the other great phones available Today, I personally do not believe there exists a phone with such a stylish and user friendly OS like Apple’s.